In-Building Coverage

In-Building Coverage technically known as Distributed Antenna Systems “DAS” were developed to provide connectivity in areas with insufficient Radio and Cellular signals.

The nature of a lot of new and old infrastructure is the building materials they use to keep heat out and the cold in.

One unfortunate trade-off of these energy efficient materials is the shielding created which ultimately prevents Public Safety Radio and Cellular frequencies from penetrating the buildings walls and reaching the subscriber units inside.

As a result, critical communications between First Responders and command post or dispatchers just outside the doors are often times unreliable without In-Building Coverage solutions.

NW Radio has been fulfilling architect and building operator requirements for in-building wireless for government, education, healthcare and manufacturing facilities for more than twenty years. Our team of certified technicians, installers and engineers have the experience and knowledge of the NFPA code requirements to fulfill your in-building system needs.
In-Building Coverage (DAS)

2018 International Fire Code


New buildings shall have approved radio coverage for emergency responders within the building based on the existing coverage levels of the public safety communications systems utilized by the jurisdiction, measured at the exterior of the building. The section shall not require improvement of the existing public safety communication system.

For more information click the link below for the International Fire Code 501 (2018) – Emergency Responder Radio Coverage