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For over 30 years NW Radio has been providing seamless communication to a number of companies across Houston, Texas and nationwide.

Originally founded in 1983 as Northwest Communications—NW Radio is a full service 2-way communications company that believes in keeping ahead of the game by partnering with some of the pioneers in technology, so that they are able to give their customers the most innovative products and services available.
If a streamlined workforce is something you’re interested in – NW is your 2-way tune-in.


Push-To-Talk Solutions

No matter what form of business you have, the practicality of integrating a two-way communications system will always be there. We can create a system that will allow you to communicate with one individual or an entire group simply by pressing a button.

Solutions That Work

Whether you’re in the office or on the move, NW Radio can help improve efficiency and productivity by allowing your employees to stay connected and working toward that common goal—getting the job done.

Helpful Support Team

Based in Houston, Texas, our 30,000 square foot shop is home to our knowledgeable sales team and innovative technicians.

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