POC Solutions

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC) technology combines the benefits of traditional two-way radio with enhanced coverage and sophisticated smartphone features.



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Compatible with your existing two-way radios, POC mobile and portable devices from NW Radio give you extended range, even beyond U.S. borders, because they operate on cellular networks. POC devices are versatile, with access to Android and iOS apps and are rugged devices suitable for harsh environments.

POC Solutions are ideal for all types of transportation, major construction, manufacturing, oil and gas operations, agriculture and security.

NW Radio Network Coverage Area
One advantage of POC Solutions is that it is web based. You can not only do half duplex PTT like your two-way radios, you can send messages, deploy geofencing, set custom emergency alerts and more.

The team at NW Radio can advise you about the models and features you need for your operations. Link POC with our other PTT solutions for communications that is right for everyone on your team, from top management to your in-the-field technical workers.

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