Fire Stream

Emergency Response Monitoring System

When it comes to disaster response, time is critical to get your team on scene as fast as the first responders.


Our Fire Stream solution informs you when the call goes out from 911 centers.

Fire Stream News RoomBeing able to monitor first responder calls across multiple counties requires many monitoring sites. To get the best reception from these calls requires monitoring system being strategically located on towers or high rise rooftops located through out these counties. Received calls are routed thorough our very complex high-speed network to your news or business center. This allows you to analyze in real time whether the call is worthy of dispatching your team or news truck.

It is not always practical or financially feasible for those who are in the emergency restoration business or news reporting (TV or Radio Broadcasts) business to build out a system of this magnitude on your own.

NWR has designed a monitoring network just for this purpose. NWR can provide you with as many fire channels as needed for your business or news organization.

Depending on the number of channels you want to monitor will determine the number of computers and computer monitors and speakers you will need at your location.

The monitoring software we provide will automatically log the call time and archives it for later review if needed.

While listing live to multiple channels at a time you are able to mute and unmute and control the volume level of each individual channel. You also have the ability to instant replay those calls.

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