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Harris County Fire Marshall requirements to comply with Emergency Responder Radio Coverage.

The provisions of section 510 of the International Fire Code (IFC), Emergency Responder Radio Coverage,
addresses the concern of responder radios operating in a large structure once constructed. Building construction
materials can and do absorb or block the radio frequency energy, preventing critical messages from being broadcast.
This may prevent an injured or disoriented emergency responder from receiving the needed assistance due to
communications being lost with other responders.

IFC began to address these provision in the 2009ed. and continued through current codes. With the most recent
adoption of the 2018ed. Harris County amended the code to address the needs of first responders in Harris …

Chairman Pai calls on Congress to protect public safety and repeal T-Band mandate

Agency Announces Suspension of Application Processing for T-Band Licenses and Renewals Because of Current Mandate to Hold an Auction in 2021

WASHINGTON, December 2, 2019
Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai issued the following statement calling on Congress to repeal the mandate to auction T-Band spectrum and allow public safety officials to continue saving lives through T-Band communications:

“In 2012, Congress passed legislation requiring the FCC to reallocate and auction T-Band spectrum used for decades by public safety licensees and fund the relocation of those licensees elsewhere. The agency has extensively analyzed the T-Band and concluded that moving forward is not viable—relocation …

Recently Motorola announced the discontinuation of the Motorola MIP5000 voice dispatching console

We recommend using SmartPTT PLUS as a replacement to the MIP5000 for use in MOTOTRBO digital radio systems, as well as for some analog systems.

Why SmartPTT PLUS?

SmartPTT PLUS is a Motorola Sold & Supported dispatch console.
SmartPTT PLUS is a solution specifically designed for MOTOTRBO digital radio systems, so you can offer your customers much more functionality than before with the MIP5000 (i.e. GPS, indoor location, texting, job ticketing, etc.).
Full IP wireline integration to the master repeater or the system controller means no gateways and control stations.
SmartPTT PLUS can also work with analog systems and P25 …

Daikin Texas Technology Park in Hockley, Texas Improves Communications

When Daikin completed construction in 2017 of their 4.5 million square foot manufacturing plant, they employed nearly 1,000 people almost instantly to build air-conditions systems. NWR designed and deployed a 4 channel Motorola TRBO system inside their gigantic manufacturing plant to help improve business operations. Today, Daikin has grown to nearly 4,000 employees on 3 shifts for manufacturing and transportation, so NWR worked with them to expand their four channel Motorola Capacity Plus system to eight channels to keep pace with the growth of the A/C manufacturing operations. The first radio system perfectly covered inside and outside of the …

NWRADIO Expands Coverage for Humble ISD P.D.

With the addition of 27 new MotoTRBO repeaters from NW Radio to their existing Motorola 17 site IP Site Connect system, Humble ISD Police Department can now communicate with every single school in the district in case of emergency. The C-Bridge facilitates expansion of IP Site Connect from a maximum of 15 repeaters to as many as needed. Next, NW Radio will replace the existing 2 position communications consoles in the PD with a new Zetron MAX Console. The final step is when we add MotoTRBO Connect Plus boards to the district’s 300 school busses, giving them the ability …

Notice From EWA: Programming Unauthorized Frequencies – There Are No Excuses

July 9, 2019 – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a Citation and Order against Mr. Jose Perez of Perez Communications and Electronics for the illegal programming of unauthorized frequencies within a customer’s radio system, violating section 90.427(b) of the Commission’s Rules. In the citation, the FCC directs Mr. Perez to cease programming transmitters to operate on frequencies for which the customer is not authorized and to not engage in such illegal activity again. Mr. Perez was advised that failure to comply may result in forfeitures of up to $20,134 per day.
The Enterprise Wireless Alliance (EWA) brings this …

NWRadio Offering Racks for Multi-Radio Installations

NWRadio is now manufacturing and offering a Control Station Rack Mounting brackets, perfect for multi-radio installations. Check out the photos – we build eight-radio and two-radio main brackets and order individual brackets for each radio model. We also provide blanks to fill the holes if you don’t have a radio.

We started building these because we install a lot of consoles for Police Dept and 911 centers and they have 10-30 individual radios that must be interfaced to the consoles – this is how we mount them instead of using sleeves. These are available now, so call us to order.

NW RADIO Helps Assure Student Security on One of the Nation’s Largest Campuses

Campus police departments must always strike a balance between keeping students and staff safe and causing undue stress or disruption that can adversely impact the learning environment. When Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, one of America’s largest school districts, had outgrown its analog radio system, the district and their local KENWOOD dealer, Northwest Communications worked together to devise a plan. With minimal disruption, the school district expanded their channels from 7 to 32 and deployed NEXEDGE NX-5000 Series mobiles and portables for improved coverage and access to advanced technology.

DOT Regulations On Use of Cell Phones

On December 2, 2011 the Department of Transportation (“DOT”) published its new regulations prohibiting the use of hand-held mobile (cell) phones by drivers of interstate commercial motor vehicles, which include busses and trucks on interstate routes (“CMV drivers”). The new regulations take affect 30 days after publication, i.e. on January 1, 2012.
More specifically, the final rule prohibits CMV drivers from holding, dialing or reaching for a hand-held cell phone. CMV drivers are allowed, however, to use a hands-free device so long as that device does not require the driver to take his/her eyes off the road. Further, because some …