Nationwide Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (POC) technology combines the benefits of traditional two-way radio with enhanced coverage and sophisticated smartphone features.


POC devices are rugged, purpose-built for professional business communications. Users have maximum flexibility in coverage because they operate on the robust national cellular network infrastructure, without investment in a private network. This also untethers users from the range of repeaters and base stations used in traditional radio networks. POC devices from NW Radio offer wide area coverage, low cost, easy integration with existing two-way radios and available bandwidth to accommodate voice and video communications.

If your workforce is mobile and you need dependable communications city-wide or across the country, and you need a rapid start-up time, POC is the reliable choice.

Integrated GPS devices enable location tracking with the available dispatch application. The web-based application allows you to track vehicles, equipment and people, with ready access to scheduling and tracking capabilities.

Sturdy POC devices meet military specs that are similar to those of two-way radios, so they are suited for demanding work environments, while providing the type of smartphone apps that your workers rely on for daily activities. They will appreciate the consumer-friendly design in a ruggedized case, with full keypads, bright LCD displays, easy to access PTT and other buttons, built-in GPS, Bluetooth® and access to the camera system.

POC Solutions are ideal for all types of transportation, major construction, manufacturing, oil and gas operations, agriculture and security.


The iTALKPTT 9000 Barcode Scanning Android-based Terminal is the ideal data collection device. It can be used anywhere you need a visitor management solution. Wi-Fi and 4G compatible, it has Bluetooth® and does vehicle/ID/license scanning.

The iTALK 200 has multiple guard patrol options and operates PTT primarily in Wi-Fi, switching to 4G/3G if Wi-Fi is off, making it ideal for security. It offers all basic two-way radio service like all call/group call, etc. and tone alerts.


Hands-free operation is a DOT requirement and the iTALK450 mobile radio also supports voice recording, GPS positioning and history recording. Dual-SIM slots assure redundancy in case of network or coverage failure.


With IP67 and MIL-STD 810G ratings, the iTALK 660 is ideal for harsh working conditions. A large color display, ultra-loud speaker, 4000mAh Li-Ion high capacity battery and Continuous Power Supply are ideal for long work shifts.


Powerful dispatch and fleet management provide tracking for drivers and routes using the built-in GPS in the devices. Instant group calling and individual calling is facilitated by the dispatch software, creating and disbanding groups as needed.

One advantage of POC Solutions is that it is web based. You can not only do half duplex PTT like your two-way radios, you can send messages, deploy geofencing, set custom emergency alerts and more.

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