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When you hear healthcare you automatically think Doctors, MRI machines, Cat scans, etc.  That’s not what we do here

Running a hospital is like running a small city.

Healthcare management, also referred to as healthcare administration, is the administration, management or oversight of healthcare systems, public health systems, hospitals, entire hospital networks or other medical facilities. Duties of these professionals include ensuring that individual departments run smoothly, information is disseminated efficiently throughout the organization, specific outcomes are reached and resources are used efficiently, among many other responsibilities. There are general healthcare managers and those who are considered specialists. Generalists oversee entire facilities is which keeps the hospital functioning mechanically.

You don’t think about it much when you are in a hospital but everything has to work from the light switch to massive air conditioning units that keep all those patent rooms and operating rooms cool. This takes a coordinated effort by many and the only way to do that is with a radio system that talks over every floor to the basements where most of those engineers specialist reside.
If you are a multiple location hospital that’s needs the security team to be able to talk to all those locations or an engineer at a stand-alone location NWR will design a system to fit your needs.
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Greenville Hospital Case Study


Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center Increases Security


NW Radio has three LTR radio systems which provide radio coverage for any business or individual who needs two-way radio voice communications or GPS location data for vehicle tracking.

NW Radio Network Coverage Area

Security Texas Site

The Security Texas site is located off of FM 105 between I-45 and Highway 59. The antennas on this site are located at the 650 foot level using the same 19dbu contour measurement. This site will provide radio communications from Evergreen to the North to 610 Loop west, and from Leondias on the west to Oakdale on the east.

Fairbanks Site

Fairbanks North Houston is a 800 ft tower with antennas located at 749 ft msl. This site will provide radio communications (using a 19dbu contour) from Trinty to the north and Danbury to the south, Sealy to the west and Liberty to the east.


Our Main Site is located downtown Houston on the roof top of the Chase Bank Building at 1050 foot msl. Using a 19dbu contour measurement, this system will provide radio communications from Oyster Creek to the South, Trinty to the North, Anahuac to East and Sealy to the West.