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NWR has been in business for over 35 years building on its knowledge of two-way radio systems. In this time we have seen many changes in our industry, including the needs of our customers in the education sector.

Things aren’t the same on college or school district campuses today as they used to be when students could simply go to school and not worry about their safety, along with the violence that we see on the news at night in our living rooms.

Colleges and School districts now have to increase their awareness when it comes to the safety of students and staff.  Educators and staff must be prepared for any incident.

Two-way radios are very important part of the everyday classroom.

Teachers must have the ability to call for help at any given time whether it’s a medical emergency or security matter. Fire and police departments have a national standard for reaction time and educators must have the same resources when it comes time to getting help because seconds count.

NWR will design a system that satisfies your needs and ensures the safety of your campus.

School buses go on long trips for football games. Keep track of the trip buses with our broadband radio solution. Our maps let you see where your buses are and make it easy to communicate with them. The buses will be able to always communicate with each other. With new barcode reader model or QR code reader or fingerprint reader you can keep track of who is getting on or off the bus.

Education Radio Communications

Why is NW Radio is a 2-way communications favorite for school districts across Houston?

We have gained an impeccable reputation through years of experience, staying current with technology and a loyal and happy client base to prove it.
We understand the importance of keeping your employees connected. Because after all, it’s up to them to keep your students safe.
NW Radio’s GPS tracking capabilities allow higher visibility and control via real-time connection between field and office which can improve efficiency and productivity no matter what business you are in. You can optimize fleet operations, manage mobile resources, track data assets in real-time and locate remote workers—anywhere within your service area. Now, that’s peace of mind.

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