Nationwide Push-to-Talk Over Cellular

Broadband Solutions combine the benefits of traditional two-way radio with enhanced coverage and sophisticated smartphone features.


For the business owner who is traveling or the manager who is working from home, a simple IP connection can deliver the two-way radio communications over any broadband network, Wi-Fi, 4G or LTE using NWR’s broadband mobile or portable radio. You will be able to keep track of your workers and their location using our live maps and have voice communications with your workers from wherever you are, if broadband or wi-fi connection is available.

Our Sturdy Broadband devices meet rugged MIL-STD and IP rated to withstand impact, dust, and water, specs so they are suited for demanding work environments, while providing the type of smartphone apps that your workers rely on for daily activities. They will appreciate the consumer-friendly design in a ruggedized case, with full keypads, bright LCD displays, easy to access PTT, built-in GPS, Bluetooth®, Radios supports voice and video calling, Runs Android Apps, additional features include an infra-red barcode and or QR code scanner, fingerprint reader and additional cameras.

POC Solutions are ideal for all types of transportation, major construction, manufacturing, oil and gas operations, agriculture and security.


The NWP560 is a feature rich, easy-to-operate Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) and Wi-Fi Mobile Computer with integrated Infrared Barcode/QR Code Scanner. The NWR560 supports nationwide voice and video group calling, dispatching, and location tracking.

The NWP3360s and the NWP3380S are compact, rugged and easy to use Push to Talk over broadband (POC) and Wi-FI devices. They support nationwide voice and group calling, dispatching, GPS tracking and video group calling.


The NWM3360 is a compact and easy-to-operate Push-to-Talk over Broadband (PoC) device that supports nationwide instant group calling, dispatching, and location tracking. The NWM3360 provides safe and reliable in-vehicle fleet communications.


The NWVM780 Body Worn Camera integrates a body camera, a PoC radio, and a remote speaker mic into a single device to record, store and share video and audio over cellular LTE and Wi-Fi networks.


Powerful dispatch and fleet management provide tracking for drivers and routes using the built-in GPS in the devices. Instant group calling and individual calling is facilitated by the dispatch software, creating and disbanding groups as needed.

One advantage of Broadband Solutions is that it is web based. Not only can you do half duplex PTT like your two-way radios, you can also send messages, deploy geofencing, set custom emergency alerts and more.

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