NWR Digital Push-To-Talk (PTT) Network

NWR is an all-digital Kenwood NEXEDGE encrypted multi-site multi-site two-way radio system built specifically for businesses with the need for instant communications with a simple push of a button. Engineered for reliability, NWR provides a seamless automatic roaming with a clear and secure connection to every one in your fleet.

25 Dollar Unilimited Push To Talk Network
Replace your cell phones with a NEXEDGE digital radio for local coverage or migrate to our new Broadband radio for nationwide coverage. NWR can provide a bridge from the NXDN system tour new broadband network. Click here to See our Broadband solutions page.


NW Radio has three LTR radio systems which provide radio coverage for any business or individual who needs two-way radio voice communications or GPS location data for vehicle tracking.

NW Radio Network Coverage Area

Security Texas Site

The Security Texas site is located off of FM 105 between I-45 and Highway 59. The antennas on this site are located at the 650 foot level using the same 19dbu contour measurement. This site will provide radio communications from Evergreen to the North to 610 Loop west, and from Leondias on the west to Oakdale on the east.

Fairbanks Site

Fairbanks North Houston is a 800 ft tower with antennas located at 749 ft msl. This site will provide radio communications (using a 19dbu contour) from Trinty to the north and Danbury to the south, Sealy to the west and Liberty to the east.


Our Main Site is located downtown Houston on the roof top of the Chase Bank Building at 1050 foot msl. Using a 19dbu contour measurement, this system will provide radio communications from Oyster Creek to the South, Trinty to the North, Anahuac to East and Sealy to the West.

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