Campbell Concrete dispatchers were using cellular phones to communicate with drivers and supervisors in the field which posed several problems.
  • Dispatchers were only able to communicate with one person at a time. With 2-way radios, critical information was passed to the entire fleet in a matter of seconds.
  • Cellular phones would be lost or stolen, dropped and broken and used for personal use- costing Campbell Concrete valuable time and money.
  • As of 2012 the new Distracted Driver laws made the use of cellular phones- even those with push-to-talk capabilities- illegal to use while driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle. Violating this law could result in fines and lawsuits to the company and driver.
  • Multiple dispatchers for multiple areas meant information was not communicated if that particular dispatcher was out for lunch or unavailable at that moment.


MotoTRBO digital mobile radios and TxTalk, our wide-area network combined with TurboVUi proved to be the most cost effective and simplest solution to move Campbell onto.
TX Talk MotoTrbo


Campbell Concrete
  • With 4 base radios mounted out of sight, all 4 dispatchers now have the ability to use their computers to change channels and communicate with all 4 areas by simply clicking the ‘virtual radio’ on their desktop. They can communicate to their entire fleet, a single unit or a group of supervisors.
  • Inside the trucks, the rugged MotoTRBO mobile radio can withstand the harsh environment of a cement yard because of their moisture, dust and vibration ratings.
  • TxTalk, our wide area network covers their entire operating area and eliminates the extra expense of cell phone taxes, roaming charges and other fees charged by large cellular carriers.
  • Extra options for TurboVUi include Dispatch & Pocket (see below).
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