For years, CCEMS ambulances were dispatched from a small, four-console facility. But the agency, which now serves more than 500,000 people, needed updated IT capabilities.

“We dispatch for so many agencies that we need to be able to configure our consoles easily and quickly. Moving to the Zetron’s Integrator RD consoles would allow us to set up the different positions to communicate with all of the different agencies we serve.”

Toivo Sari, IT Manager


  • Zetron’s Series 4000 Communication Control System.
  • Ten positions of Zetron’s Integrator RD Workstation.
  • Zetron’s Model 4048 Common Control Equipment (CCE).
  • Zetron’s Intelligent Radio Module Interface (iRIM) for the agency’s Kenwood radios.
  • iDEN Direct-Connect Wireless Interface Module.
  • M/A-COM EDACS radio.
  • Support for Kenwood’s FleetSync™ protocol.
  • Panels and racks custom built by Northwest Radio to fit the agency’s radios.


“NW Radio and Zetron did a great job,” he adds. “Although this installation was one of the most important aspects of the new center, it was the one I had the least concern about. I knew it would work as it should.”

Toivo Sari, IT Manager

Of the many benefits the new system offers, Cypress Creek EMS dispatchers and administrators alike appreciate its flexibility and expandability.

Cypress Creek, TX EMS

“Our center is divided into two sections, one for fire, and the other for EMS. With the new consoles, a dispatcher doing fire can go to the fire section, select the tab for the geographical area he or she is working, and see the channels for that area only. On our old consoles, everything was active all the time; now, the dispatchers aren’t inundated with audio for areas they aren’t working. This is very helpful when it gets really busy.”

Toivo Sari, IT Manager